rebecca black

Music Only The Internet Could Love [Video]
The young lady in this video has talent. She also has rhythm and a plastic cup and that is all she needs to make the Internet hungry for more. I am glad we have this vast resource to look into the lives of others.
Rebecca Black “Friday” As Sung By A Rooster [Video]
I suppose one of the drawbacks of being an Internet viral sensation like Rebecca Black is having people poke fun at your success. If you've never seen or heard the song Friday by Rebbecca Black, I would count my blessings. However since most people have been subjected to this alleged song I thought …
Rebecca Black,You Tube Sensation Experiences Downside Of Fame
It's something we all dream of, being rich and famous. I'm sure most of us would be very happy with the rich or at least winning the Dawg Pound Sound Game. But for every action there is an equal and sometimes dangerous reaction. Rebecca Black,who gained instant notoriety with a You Tube So…