Saints & Superstitions – Will The Saints Be Safe If I Watch?
Superstition seems to be everywhere in the world of sports. Whether it is wearing a certain pair of socks or that jersey you just cannot bring yourself to wash, a majority of households have some kind of superstition when watching their favorite sports team. It turns out that our good friend Tracy W…
Lance Moore Is Staying With Saints
Although the New Orleans Saints have yet to make it official, Lance Moore tweeted that he is staying with the Saints. The deal is reported for 5 years, terms undisclosed.
NFL Strike: Is A Deal Close At Hand?
I was talking with Stevie P, our 97.3 The Dawg sports guy and host of Thinking Out Loud on ESPN 1420 the other day. We were talking about sports, or the lack of sports to talk about. Professional baseball certainly has its fans but most people around here are fans, not fanatics. Throw in the fact th…
Reggie Bush Has New Girlfriend That Looks Like Old Girlfriend
Reggie Bush has a new girl in his life, that looks like the old girl his life. Reggie's new girlfriend is named Melissa Molinaro. She's a singer/actress. You may remember her from this cinematic jewel.
The pair have actually been dating for a few months now but met two years ago...
Work Out With The Saints
Now THAT's what I call using your "time off " wisely. Thank you  Drew Brees and Jonathan Vilma for continuing to give back to your communities-WHO DAT!
Pierre Thomas Out !
Alright Who Dat Nation, it's time get our gris gris going and get some positive mojo! This isn't good news but when you've got Brees and the boys and a whole lot of faith, we won't be stopped! See what Drew has to say..
Saints Travel To Seattle
It looks like a long road trip for the first round of the playoffs for the defending Superbowl Champion Saints. Want to know the entire playoff schedule and when to listen?
Saints Win To Get In
It's true you are still the champs until somebody beats you and in the case of the Atlanta Falcons on Monday Night Football, the Saints still rule the roost!

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