Skin Care

LSU Starfish? – What’s Next Human Skin?
Sports fans in Louisiana might love the colors on this starfish. Were they scientifically engineered to look that way? Could human skin be temporarily manipulated to change its color? Would you do it if you could?
Skin Care Tips for the Guys
It's a given that women care a little more about their skin and complexion than your average, manly man. Sure, there are plenty of guys who wash their face with the latest acne cleanser, but I also know a lot of men who don't even have a facial cleanser anywhere in their house. I found som…
Thar She Blows! A Guide to Popping Pimples
You know you're a parent when you have baby spit up down the back of your shirt and you go to work anyway. You know you're a parent when you spend seven hours in your car and never leave the city limits. You know you're a parent when you've bought poster board in your pajamas at 11pm on a Sunday nig…