Japanese Find A Way To Make Soccer Fun To Watch [Video]
I guess my American is showing isn't it? I am not a fan of soccer. I didn't like going to the games when my kids played and I sure don't like watching the never ending snooze fest that is soccer on TV.
Leave it to the Japanese to take something that is not that interesting to my short …
Soccer Player Goes Karate Kid On Goal Keeper [Video]
The next time someone tries to tell you that American Football is too violent and that kids should be playing soccer, show them this video. At least in American Football you get to wear pads and the douche canoes like the guy in this video have their careers shortened quickly by teammates who know t…
Ukrainian Soccer Fan Attempts to Choke Ref During Match
There are plenty of sports fan who would love to attack an umpire or an official but most wouldn't go through with it if presented the opportunity. However, one Ukrainian soccer fan attending the Chernomorets/FC Metalist match this week decided to attack a linesman and nearly strangled him to d…
Soccer Camp for the Kiddos!
Summer is right around the corner!  Soccer camp is a very popular sport to partake in during the summer months.  Even though its hotter than two mice in a wool sock outside, exercise is the best way for the kids to let loose and get out of the house.

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