A Delicious, Detoxifying Soup For The Soul
Have you ever had one of those unhealthy weekends where you drank too much beer and ate too much pizza? Well, I recently had one of those weekends and by the end of it, my body was yearning for something healthy and satisfying.  I needed a detoxifying soup to do the trick.
Chinese Death Soup: Eat and Die
Contrary to popular belief, even though eating spicy food may give you a wicked case of gut rot and the runs, there is absolutely no possible way for a little kung-pao anything to “burn a hole in your stomach.” That is, unless you eat a bowl of Chinese Death Soup.
But Is It Fresh?
My kids cringe at the thought of leftovers. Being a parent I know certain things actually taste better the next day like a good spaghetti sauce or even a gumbo. But that is just one day, what about almost two and a half centuries? Uh, I think I will just have a Pop-Tart and call it a night. Still th…