stupid people

Stupidest Fight Ever? [Video]
Have you ever wondered what makes people think they are Macho?  It seems that fighting is a great way to show how much of a tough person you are! Unless you do it for a stupid reason.
Motivational Speech Goes Hilariously Wrong [Video]
We've all seen these kinds of videos, the kind where the speaker engages us to think beyond our present state and move forward in our lives. This is supposed to be one of those videos. It turns out the motivation might be a head injury or at least a consultation by a doctor.
Uh Dad, About the Car,,Uh
What is it about the sound of a revving engine that appeals to men? Ladies you know how we are with our chainsaws, weedeaters, lawn mowers and cars. I personally love the silence when the clutch in this Neon decides enough is enough and suddenly there is nothing but peace, quiet and a rather bewilde…