Dolly Parton’s Evolution in Style
The legend herself Dolly Parton has always had an interesting since of style. I don’t consider myself a fashion "Guru" or anything, but to an average person’s daily wardrobe teased hair and sequins from head to toe is something only Dolly could pull …
7 of the Hottest Pairs of Shoes You Will Ever See
For a man to understand a woman he will eventually have to learn the language of shoes. I don't speak that language but my wife ,Jill, does, my co-host Krista does, my good friend, part-time DJ and full time TV anchor lady Tracy Wirtz does too. What is it about decorative foot covers …
Best Black Pants For Your Body
Chances are any guys reading this post will not have a clue as to its ultimate importance but with Krista looking over my shoulder I am here to tell you. You can't have enough black pants. That being said lets do some snooping and find that perfect pair just for you want to?