Wardrobe Malfunction Spices Up Wedding [Video]
I just hope this blushing bride has a great sense of humor since her "moment" is now running viral across the world wide web. I guess if the happy couple can live this down then theirs will be a most happy and energetic relationship.
A Most Entertaining Commercial [Video]
This advertisement has it all! It's got golf, booze, wild animals and crotchety old men in top hats too. Now what kind of product would dare associate itself with these rather unsavory elements? Are they selling ladies underwear? Are they selling an effective treatment for a certain male medica…
Rejected Doritos Superbowl Commercial [Video]
It is NFL playoff weekend and that means it's time to start thinking about who the New Orleans Saints will be playing in the Superbowl. That also means it is time to begin thinking about the real reason a lot of people watch the Superbowl, the commercials.
Why the Big Game and Not Bowl Of Superness?
Pro football is a business, just like a radio station is a business. You have to protect your brand at all cost. I understand that but sometimes the NFL just gets a little loopy if you ask me. Remember last years " Who Dat" Fiasco? So you might be asking, whats all the hubub, bub?
16 Celebs Who Were Cheerleaders!
The Packers don't have them and neither do the Steelers yet for football fans they are as much a part of the game as tailgating and spilling your drink! They are the cheerleaders, often portrayed as spunky overenthusiastic pretty people who really get the crowd whipped into a frenzy. I like cheerlea…
Odd Bets Beats the Odds for Big Game
So you don't really care who wins the game between the Steelers and the Packers right? They are just two teams that will fill the space between hopefully entertaining commercials and lots of great food at your Super Bowl party. Well there are ways to wager on the game and make it interesting ev…
OT Means Free Pizza!
Papa John's Pizza in Lafayette and New Iberia have been great supporters of 97.3 The Dawg for years. We love their service and we love their pizza. They want to give you FREE pizza as part of a big Superbowl Promotion! Want to find out how to score your free pie?

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