The Soft Spoken Words Of TV Painter Bob Ross
We watched Bob Ross on the public TV station in Mississippi when I was a kid. You wouldn't think watching a soft spoken tree hugger smear paint on a canvas would be that captivating to a teenage boy but it was. I found myself totally immersed in Bob's ability to smear globs of paint on a clean canva…
5 Insane Moments From Judge Judy [Video]
Judge Judy, she is my favorite TV judge. I like the way she puts people in their place. I like the way she tells it like it is. I like the way Judge Judy stands for common sense and doing the right thing. Okay I like to see the bottom of the food chain come oozing up on to my television to air their…
Bart Simpson Wrote What? The Best Of The Chalkboard Gag
I am a fan of the Simpson's on TV. I usually try to stay up late (7pm) on Sunday evenings to see what Bart and Homer and Marge, Maggie and Lisa are up to. I always find myself concentrating on the shows opening to see the chalkboard gag. Bart Simpson wrote what? The best of the chalkboard gag i…
TV Stars And Their TV Cars:Learning To Drive On The Couch
Do you remember what kind of van the members of TV's A-Team piled into when they went out on their special operations? What kind of car did Jim Rockford drive in The Rockford Files? You might remember those but how about this one, what kind of car did Mindy from Mork and Mindy drive? If you knew the…
Ashley Judd Heading Back to Television
You know the Judd's right? Wynonna and Naomi have been keeping us entertained for years with their great music. We've also seen Wynonna struggle with personal problems from husbands to weight loss and Naomi has had her own share of health issues and other things. What about that other Judd? Ashley? …
The Christmas Special That Almost Wasn’t
It was shown in our Christmas Eve Church service, it earned a 50 share in the Nielsen Ratings on television, it is one of the most watched holiday specials every year but it almost never made it on to your TV. Lee Mendelson worked with Charles Shultz to create a Charlie Brown Christmas.
Jeopardy : Humans Vs Computers
I love Jeopardy, maybe it's because I think I am smart and Jeopardy gives me the chance to prove that as long as no one else is in the room. I have often wondered how the human brain would compete in this battle of wits if it were to take on a computer, we are about to find out !
SNL Spoofs Santa, Again
Laughter is truly the best medicine. That is why we always double up the dose when ever we can on the Bruce and the Kennel Club Morning show here on 97.3 The Dawg. Our friends at Saturday Night Live know a thing or two about laughter too. They have been making us double over for decades and around t…
Oprah’s Got Your Books
I seem to remember another woman telling me to read these books. Oh yeah it was my high school English teacher. From what I remember the stories are great, the characters amazing and the Cliffs Notes weren't that expensive.

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