that had to hurt

Man Accidentally Irons His Face
A 32-year-old Polish man was trying to be a good house husband and do some chores. Ironing to be exact. Sure hope he pays more attention next time and doesn't try answering the iron instead of the phone!
Attacked By A Moose [Video]
As you will see in this video, moose are pretty calm and collected until they decide that you are too close. The mistake our camera man friend makes is, he doesn't get the hint that it is time to leave.
Human Tipping – The Cows Get Revenge [Video]
The basic premise of cow tipping is to quietly sneak up on a sleeping cow that is standing in a pasture. You then charge the beast hoping to knock the bovine on to its side. There is great hilarity to see the massive beast try to wake up and stand up at the same time. That ISN"T what happens …

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