that had to hurt

Beyonce Clown Dance Goes Horribly Wrong [Video]
You might remember a song that swept the pop charts last year that had a dance all the kids were doing. Do you remember the Beyonce song All The Single Ladies? It spawned a lot of videos of people recreating that dance. Some of the renditions were very good. Some of the renditions were quite comical…
Kickboxer Knocks Himself Out
It takes a combination of strength, stamina, precision and skill to knock out your opponent in the ring. But it takes a special kind of athlete to knock yourself out.
Incredibly Stupid Stunt Goes Inredibly Wrong [Video]
I am pretty sure these fine chaps are not bringing a whole lot of good ingredients to the gene pool. Imagine a big wooden spool, the kind electrical companies use to roll up wire. Now imagine climbing inside that spool and rolling down a steep hill. What could go wrong?
Stupid Gun Owner Misses Head By Inches [Video]
Are you familiar with the Darwin Awards? They are handed out each year posthumously for those individuals and groups that come up with the most stupid ways to die. They are named after scientist Charles Darwin who championed the theory of evolution...

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