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Scary Moment- SUV Loses Wheel [Video]
My son Jack is learning how to drive and we are in the process of teaching him the rules of the road. The one point I try to emphasize more than most is expect the unexpected. There are things you can prepare for by making sure your car and tires are in good shape...
Railway Drama- Man Saved Just In Time [Video]
What would you do? A man falls from a train platform on to the tracks. A train is inbound on that track and will arrive at the station and no doubt end the fallen man's life in a matter of seconds. It's life or death, you have to act right now!
Best Of Drunks Falling Down [Video]
New Year's Eve is upon us and that means a celebration! Many of us will choose to ring in the new year with a cocktail or two. The people in this video have by passed the drink responsibly warning and are full blown drunk!
50 Of The Years Best Viral Videos [Video]
We pretty much run the gambit from the Eharmony girl who loves cats to the mountain bike rider that gets knocked out by an antelope. There is the video of the baby twins speaking baby language and the guy who swears a tornado stole his burger and fries. These were the 50 videos that the internet fel…
Leaf Blower + Swivel Chair = Stupid [Video]
Imagination when used in a good way is an amazing thing. Just think of all the cool things they dream up at Disney World or Universal Studios. Imagination in the hands of the idle and the stupid leads to chaos like this.
Wild Police Chase In Dallas [Video]
There is no more gripping human drama than the images captured during a high speed police pursuit. In this particular instance the suspect has stolen an 18 wheeler loaded with lumber.

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