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Patriotic American Movies: 10 Films That Honor the USA
For all the industries that have been shipped overseas, America is still the entertainment capital of the world. And what better way to celebrate our great nation than with its greatest exports?
In honor of July 4th, here are 10 patriotic classics that are sure to turn the silver screen red, white an…
Crazy Quiz…In Case You Missed It
On this afternoon's Crazy Quiz, we asked this question:
Who is Hollywood's all-time highest grossing actor, in terms of total gross for the movies they've appeared in?
Correct Answer: Samuel L. Jackson ($8,640,150,950)
Tom Hanks Doesn’t Know Spanish, Dances Instead [Video]
Ever watch Univision and have no clue what they're saying? Well that would be most of us because apparently it's a channel for our Spanish speaking community. Tom Hanks must not have received that memo. Or his "people" didn't tell him that the hosts of the show wo…