The History of the Christmas Tree
Christmas would not be complete if we didn't have a big, beautiful Christmas tree in our living room. Have you ever wondered where and when the Christmas tree originated and became a must-have symbol of Christmas? I have the answers for you, and it's actually pretty cool, y'all!
Get Me to the Church on Time, or We Pay a Fine!
I think we have all worked with people who through every fault of their own would be late for their own funerals. Well in Brazil there is a custom that has gotten way out of hand. It seems in Brazil it is tradition for the Bride to be a few minutes late for her wedding. I guess it's a good luck thin…
Bonfires Light The Way
There is so much to love about Louisiana, most beloved are our unique traditions that come from the gumbo pot of cultures that have blended together to form the backbone of our beloved state. Around Christmas time we all know how Papa Noel will find his way down the bayou.