Groom Cheats on Wife During Wedding Reception
We’ve heard of cheating before the wedding or during the honeymoon, but in the middle of the actual reception, moments after swapping vows and promising to love, honor, respect and blah blah blah? Well, an Austrian groom has sunk to a new level of douchebaggery by banging a waitress …
10 Sentences You Don’t Want to Hear at Your Wedding
Wedding season is just around the corner and someone you know is probably gearing up for the biggest day of his or her life.
Of course, no day can go as perfect as you pictured it in your head. These are the statements that can bring your special day to a grinding halt.
Wardrobe Malfunction Spices Up Wedding [Video]
I just hope this blushing bride has a great sense of humor since her "moment" is now running viral across the world wide web. I guess if the happy couple can live this down then theirs will be a most happy and energetic relationship.
Romantic Toast Goes Wrong [Video]
Men aren't really in tune with traditions and toasts and especially those fancy freaky toast where you have to intertwine arms and still drink. I am a fan of the old fashioned bang 'em and bottom up kind of toast. Here is a groom and bride that look as if this whole toasting thing can just…
50 Of The Years Best Viral Videos [Video]
We pretty much run the gambit from the Eharmony girl who loves cats to the mountain bike rider that gets knocked out by an antelope. There is the video of the baby twins speaking baby language and the guy who swears a tornado stole his burger and fries. These were the 50 videos that the internet fel…
Adorable Flower Girl Picks Up Flowers [Video]
You might want to disconnect your adorable meter on your computer before watching this video. This is so precious there is no doubt that the cuteness scale and the adorable meter will be broken after you watch. Kids and weddings are always great fodder for film and video and this one doesn't di…
Flash Mob Wedding Proposal Catches Bride To Be Off Guard [Video]
Do you know what a flash mob is? Nope it is not a bunch of guys wearing trench coats making a lot of people nervous but that is a good guess. A flash mob is a group of people who coordinate a certain action at a certain time in public. This action is usually coordinated over social media networ…

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