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Couple Gets Into Fight Over Who Was Least Drunk to Drive!
Monday night in picturesque North Stonington, Connecticut found a couple of love birds a little too deep in the proverbial "bottle". 40-year-old Brandi Fein and her 58-year-old boyfriend David Abbot had a little too much fun then couldn't decide who was less inebriated to driv…
What Were They Smokin’ (1/24)
In case you missed it at 6:40 this morning, here's today's Smokin' stories:
1. Leo Powers, 23, of Abington, Massachusetts is facing a number of charges after cops say he used bombs to blow up snow banks so he didn't have to shovel them.
What Were They Smoking (1/18)
1. 18-year-old Amanda Byrne of Rowe, New Mexico is no longer with us. She apparently thought it a good idea to job on some railroad tracks while listening to music on her headphones. The engineer that struck her said he sounded the emergency horn several, all to no avail.