Gameday- The players are rested and ready, the coaches have the scheme in place and the fans have a test in front of them as well.

While our pursuits may not be chronicled by Jay Walker and the Cajuns broadcast crew our efforts will be just as legendary at Cajun Field today.



At 97.3 The Dawg we all have our assignments, some will cook, some will clean, some will set up and some will tear down. The tear down committee always loses a few members by the end of the game due to dehydration and high blood alcohol levels.

See! we don't just pack beer, at least one of those cans will be iced down

My job is pre-party loading and icing of beverages. I am the most important guy in the loop. I am the guy that makes sure the beverages are loaded to be transported to Cajun Field and that they will be somewhat cold when they arrive. If this is your job on your tailgate team do not fail. You might be stripped dressed in the opposing teams t-shirt and be sent to the other side of the field.



Is there a skill to loading an ice chest and making sure your drinks receive maximum chill? You bet there is. Just watch this video and you will be a great game day loader like me.


Wait I'm sorry I didn't see enough beer in that video!


Regardless of how you tailgate we want you to do it safely. That means designate a driver for the ride home. Make sure you have sunscreen for the little ones. Bring some water for everybody, even beer drinkers need water to stay hydrated. Don't forget your tickets and make sure you are aware of the new rules for entering the stadium. Have FUN!