Freshman at the University of Louisiana are invited for a special, exclusive after-hours shopping event at Target. The excursion is to pick up last minute college essentials and school supplies. This is a really amazing opportunity because not only is Target awesome, but they will keep their doors open for freshman students to win prizes, play games, shop and bond with classmates.

This event sounds like something I have never experienced before, but have always wanted to. A school supplies shopping trip with free transportation?! Don't worry about the normal crowd in the store, it is after-hours! I'd be feeling pretty lucky and cool if I had this opportunity. Unfortunately, I am not a freshman anymore. Anyways, enough about me.

The event is Sunday, August 26 and freshman are to board a bus that will take the students from campus directly to the local Lafayette Target store from 9:30pm-11:30pm. Great back to school deals, a live DJ, dancing and entertainment, photo opportunities with Bullseye the Mascot, food and drink samples, games and much more! Basically it will be a party in Target.