The good folks at Google have certainly been innovators in the world of technology. Some of the greatest gifts the internet and computers can offer us have been the direct result of Google idea and patents. There now comes word of a patent that some might consider an invasion of privacy. While others would love to have this idea already in place. The idea is this, a tattoo that senses changes in body temperature to determine if a person is not telling the truth.

This lie detecting tattoo technology would be a temporary thing. The tattoo is linked through a mobile device. The primary function of the tattoo on the throat area would be to allow communication through the mobile device especially in noisy areas. The other benefit for law enforcement would be the ability of the materials in the tattoo to sense galvanic, heat, responses in the skin. Tiny fluctuations in skin temperature and other physical responses could be transmitted to the mobile device and then analyzed to determine the individual who is wearing the tattoo might be not telling the truth.

I can see a lot of upside to a device like this. Imagine a political debate between two candidates both wearing truth sensing devices? Imagine being able to slap this on your teenager after he comes home an hour after curfew?  It all sounds good in theory but the trouble with the truth is sometimes we just don't need to know it. Certainly in a court of law or at the doctor's office but many times ignorance is indeed bliss.

Would you buy this kind of tattoo technology if it was affordable? Who would you like to stick your first lie detector tattoo on?