Is it the tattoo of a grieving mother or the tattoo of a cold calculating killer? Jury members are being asked to consider a tattoo that accused murderer Casey Anthony received just two short weeks after her daughters death. A tattoo artist took the stand yesterday and explained that it is not uncommon for grieving family members to get inked in remembrance of a departed loved one. Prosecutors brought into question the wording of the tattoo "Bella Vita" which means beautiful life.

Was this tattoo the celebration of a beautiful life of a 2 year old child? Or was this the celebration of a beautiful life of a cold heartless killer who no longer had the responsibility of parenthood? Both sides of the case did their best to convince jury members in Orlando that the tattoo supported their theories as to the innocence or guilt of Casey Anthony. 

A tattoo artist who did the work explained to a packed courtroom that the demeanor of Anthony was "normal' and "happy" which prosecutors found to be inconsistent with the normal reaction of a parent who was going through the emotional trauma of a missing child.

The case will resume today in Orlando Florida. What are your thoughts on this trial? Have you made your decision based upon the evidence so far? Do you think the mother is innocent or guilty of murder in the first degree?