Well those of us that follow Taylor know exactly what is about to happen, a number one hit is going to spring forth out of this little conversation. You know with all the great things Taylor has going for her, I feel for her. After all she is still just a young woman, she is growing up right in front of you and I and millions of others. Imagine if all of your dates and crushes and mistakes with members of the opposite sex were chronicled on the pages of the supermarket magazines. I am guessing it would hurt even more than it already hurts. Fortunately Taylor has her family and she has us, her fans. The people who, whether her kind of music is our cup of tea or not, still believe in chasing dreams. I hope for Jake's  sake Taylor didn't take out her songwriting pad and start search for words that rhyme with "gun love a witch".

So when People describes Swift's encounter with ex Jake Gyllenhaal at the Vanity Fair Oscar party last night as "serious," you can practically see the tears forming at the corners of Swift's eyes during their conversation. And you can see her running up to best friend Selena Gomez afterward: "Omigod Selena, come to the bathroom with me now... I just talked to Jake." And you can imagine that, the whole time, she's totally loving it.

So what exactly was said during this impromptu run in at the post Oscars party? We have your details right here!

(via Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal Have Oscar Party Run-In - The 83rd Annual Academy Awards® on Yahoo! Movies.)