Taylor Swift is a hit maker. She may be one of the most ingenious song writers of this generation too. Taylor's ability to draw emotions and feelings, put them into words and then match them with music is pretty darn amazing.

One of her latest music videos is for the song I Knew You Were Trouble. Taylor gives the song the ultimate Hollywood touch in her video version.

However when you break the song down to its basic elements it still can be quite catchy. Imagine this tune done with no instruments only human voices providing melody, harmony and rhythm? The group Walk Off The Earth provides an Acapella treatment of I Knew You Were Trouble which I found to be very interesting.

Acapella for a lot of us is defined by the group Rockapella, the guys that did the theme song to "Where In The World Is Carmen San Diego". I love the sound of the human voice. Especially the sound of voices making music together. People who have the talent to sing and create music are the luckiest people on the face of the planet.