According to a recent study, 87% of adults are on Facebook, but only 10% of them are on Twitter. For teens aged 12 to 17, 93% have a Facebook profile, and 12% are on Twitter. Now we all know teens are always on their iPhones, smartphones, PC's...tweeting and facebooking, and seems like Twitter might be inching up on Facebook, as far as social networking goes.

This became very apparent to me this week, when I needed to get the word out that Country Music artist Jana Kramer was running an hour late for her visit here at 97.3 the DAWG. We had invited the public to come by, so it was important to let everyone know the time had changed. Sent it out on Facebook...nothing. Sent out a tweet...the place blew up with fans getting the word out about @kramergirl! I KNEW I could depend on Jana's younger fans to help me out! Very unexpected, but I sure will keep that in mind for the future!