My daughter Anna brought home a unique souvenir from Festival International, a really nice sunburn on her shoulders. Needless to say we have had the discussion at our house about being safe in the sun and knowing what the damaging effects of too much sun can be and how to prevent them.

It's hard to convince teenagers that there is such a thing as too much sun but now I've got a story I can share about how dangerous tanning can really be. This is a story of two teens in Pennsylvania who accidentally fell asleep while tanning. They also happened to fall asleep while tanning in the middle of a city street.You guessed it they were hit by a car and had to be flown to a hospital for treatment.

The good news is both young ladies are okay. They were listed in fair condition and expected to make a full recovery. Please be careful in the sun and in the street and don't combine those two things with getting your beauty sleep.