When we were kids we just ran and played all day and that was enough to send us drifting off into a deep sleep all night long. Now it seems like as adults we are doing more, but more with our brains than our bodies and it's hard to shut the mind off just because the head hits the pillow. Even though my day starts at 1am, I sometimes have trouble drifting off just like you do. A day after a night of not sleeping isn't pleasant and in fact can be down right dangerous. So what can you do when you want to nod off but the sandman appears to be in someone else's bedroom?

Our body’s natural sleeping patterns are affected by biochemical rhythms. Melatonin, the central biochemical for sleep, is affected by light, diet, mood, activity, stress, and age. As we grow older, melatonin levels fall, making us more susceptible to sleep disorders like insomnia,

If you suffer from chronic insomnia I suggest you talk to your doctor because lack of sleep is a leading contributor to other health issues we face as we grow older. There is also a certain amount of truth to that idea of "beauty sleep" too. Click below to find out more about how you can wake up with us feeling even more refreshed than you do now.