The traditional holiday feast of turkey and all the trimmings will cost Louisiana citizens just a few dollars more this year compared to last year. You can blame most of the cost increase on the centerpiece of the meal the holiday turkey. Turkey prices have risen by about .23 cents per pound compared to last year's cost. A decrease in production is the reason for the increase in the price.

The average family in Louisiana will spend about $48.50 on a holiday meal for ten compared to last year's $44.35. This information is based on estimates from the Louisiana Ag Center. There are also marginal increases in the cost of the trimmings as well. Cranberry, pie filling, pie crusts and other ingredients for side dishes have seen slight increases in price and this will add to the overall cost of the meal.

If you're looking to save money on buying your bird, experts suggest a frozen turkey as opposed to purchasing a fresh one. This might also allow you to buy a bigger bird and actually lower your food cost in the long run. Still when you break it down the cost of the Thanksgiving feast is slightly less than $5.00 per person which is actually lower than many fast food meals.