The day we celebrate dear old Dad doesn't even come close to what we do for Mothers. I am not knocking the ladies, it's just that fathers get very little respect for the job they do in the raising of children and support of the family. This year for Father's Day lets fix that want to? How about some great gift ideas he is sure to love but would never buy for himself! 

The Beer Belt seems like a natural for South Louisiana. It's a place to hang your beverage and keep your hands free for barbequing or throwing things at the televsion. 

Since Dad, like most men, is totally consumed in protecting the family jewels, we suggest radiation blocking underpants. This keeps the bad stuff out while keeping the good stuff ready for action with no fear of shrinkage do to unforseen geothermal nuclear war.

Another handy gadget Dad might like for use in conjunction with the beer belt, is the key chain breathalyzer. That way there is no argument as to whether Dad or anyone else should give up their keys after a few too many.

These are just some of my favorites but there are still plenty of other great gift ideas for you to choose from. So choose wisely and remember all that Dad really wants is for you to get a job and move out of  his house.