Alright folks, do you need brownie points with anyone at home or at work? Bake this dessert and you will become a celebrity.

Ok, maybe I am exaggerating, but this dessert is AWESOME and whoever you make it for will love it, I promise. I baked this for my family and I became an instant top chef in their eyes.

I found the recipe on none other than the fabulous FoodNetwork. It belongs to one of my favorite chefs, Giada De Laurentiis. It is called Stracciatella Semifreddo, it is an Italian ice cream-custard; that's the best way for me to explain it.

I tweaked the recipe a bit by using a tad-bit less sugar. I made this dessert twice; the first time my parents enjoyed it but thought it was still a little too sweet, so the second time around I only put in 1/3 cup sugar in the custard rather than 1/2 cup. It made a big difference and it still has the perfect amount of sweetness. Also, the second time I changed the crust by using lemon flavored biscotti with 1/4 cup walnuts. It turned out great because the sour lemon crust complimented the sweet ice cream-custard.Click here to see the recipe.

I really hope you try this recipe, I think you and your family will love it! Let us know what you thought about it!