Style, it is at best fleeting. What is style? Is it the conveyance of the human condition to fit in right now? Is style a personal attribute that allows us to set ourselves apart from our fellow members of the species? Is style merely a facade created by others as means to earn money and separate us from our self-esteem?

 I don't know an awful lot about style to be truthful. I have a style that is my own. To the untrained eye you would think my style would be slovenly, but to those in the know, my style says I am at peace with who I am and I don't need your definition.

That being said we have discovered this rather unique view of hairstyles for women from the beginnings of cave salons to the expensive coiffure's of today. It only takes 4 minutes to watch and I bet you've probably even sported some of these "do's" yourself.