In country music the thought of downing a cold one or two to drown a memory is not a foreign concept. Heck if it weren't for alcohol we wouldn't have half the songs we play on the radio. Drinking when done in moderation is accepted by society as a normal behavior.

Drinking and driving, anything, is not acceptable behavior. We've all heard the stories of George Jones and his lawn mower and that makes us laugh. Here is another old boy that takes a page from the Possum's play book. He is driving a Sky Jack   lift and he has had more than a few. Let me caution you there is a bit of unsavory language toward the very end of the video so keep that in mind when you watch.

Fortunately this man was taken off the streets before anything really bad happened We have  seen and heard the horrific truth of the deadly side of drinking and driving. I hope if you drink you won't drive.  If you do drink and drive you will be arrested and if you are arrested do something stupid so we can show you off to the rest of the world. If you're gonna embarrass yourself and your family, why not do it right!