Blowing up all over Facebook right now is "The Great Giraffe Riddle Challenge". That's cool and all, be we decided to change it up and make it "The Great Nutria Rat Challenge"! So, can you solve this riddle? Here's how to play...

If you get the riddle WRONG, you have to use this picture of a Nutria Rat for your Facebook profile pic for 3 days. If you get it RIGHT, well, you're just a GENIUS. Just email me your answer at't post it on Facebook and give it away!

ok, here's your riddle -

It's 3:00 am, the doorbell rings and you wake up. Unexpected visitors... It's your Parrain, Clotile Thibodeaux, Richard Lebouef and T-Chut and they want breakfast cause they HONGRY. You have boudin balls, chicken sauce piquante, pickled quail eggs and a turkey neck. What is the first thing you open?