Half court shots in basketball have become far too common place this season. We saw the amazing buzzer beater in the New York High School game this week. There was the Mississippi Cheerleader who did a flip and hit a shot from half court and now we have this story. It's another money shot during halftime of an NBA Game. If the shooter makes it he wins $20-Thousand dollars!


You can see a different angle of the shot from the Oklahoma City Thunder's website right here.

There is more to this story than just a guy hitting a shot and winning a bunch of money. The shooter is name Heath Kufahl. He is the boys basketball coach for Christian Heritage Academy in Del City Oklahoma. Heath is married to a lovely woman named Jenni. Jenni is the daughter of CHA's football coach John Merrell. Jenni also has been diagnosed with stage three colon cancer. As you might imagine the medical bills in the Kufahl family have been quite high. 20-Thousand dollars would make a huge dent in some of those bills.

Maybe it is just the dreamer in me but I think there was a reason why Heath was chosen to take this shot for the  money. I think there was an even bigger reason why on this particular night the ball flew from his hand in such a way that its flight directed it to swish through a basketball goal almost 50 feet away. I am prone to believe that Heath may have gotten an assist from the BIG MAN of the universe. Now that is what I call teamwork.