The holiday movie season is in full swing and no doubt many of us are enjoying some of the all-time favorites.

One of the most appreciated holiday classics is "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" starring the indelible Chevy Chase.

In the movie, his character, Clark Griswold, dresses the family home up with some 25,000 lights. You ever wondered how much that would cost you in electricity?

Well, one real estate website did the calculating and tabulating and figured out how much it would cost in each state.

And they did the figuring for both incandescent lights (which is what Clark used) and LED lights, which are a lot more common these days. The difference is pretty insane.

The most expensive state is Hawaii, where an incandescent display would cost you $7,552 for a month and the LEDs would set you back $86.

The cheapest state? Good ole Louisiana! In the Bayou State, it would cost you $2,582 and $30.

Check out the complete list here.