Migraines, if you've get them you don't need to be told what they are . If you don't get Migrane headaches begin counting your luck stars right now and don't stop until I tell you too. New reasearch may soon bring hundreds of thousands of Americans like me out of the darkened room with the wet towel on their heads and back into the light of the living.

Migraine headaches to me are best described as a ton of bricks pushing down on the top of my skull while it is being held in a vice on the sides while my face is covered in throbbing punches of boulders rolling down hill into my brain. Through science there may now be new hope that migranes won't take away a day an half of our lives every time we get one.

 The research has taken our scientist down to one of the most smallest elements of the human body, the gene. If the research is correct the migraine could be connected to three different genes and how they react and relate to one another.Researchers have also determined that women are four times more likely than men to suffer from these debilitating headaches, so when she says she is hurting guys, she isn't kidding.

  From where the research stands now the ability to isolate the offending genes and reduce their connection with the other two may be the key to many more pain free days for people like you and I. To be truthful we all get headaches, sometimes they can be bad, but when you get a migraine you know it. There is not enough darkness, there is not enough cool compress for the head and even the beating of a butterflies wings from twenty miles away is too loud.

If you suffer from migraine headaches what remedies have you found? What preventative measures do you take when you feel the thunder starting between your ears? Your comments would really help a lot of people, so please do take the time to share. You might even mention which medications have been helpful for you, I just think the more information we can gather on this subject the better off we are really going to be.