If you travel to Destin Florida from Acadiana over the Summer you are going to travel by at least three outlet malls that I know of. I guess you could say four if you count the one  in Gonzales Louisiana but who takes I-10 through New Orleans to get to the beach? Let's assume a man is driving and you are taking the shortest route possible. There is the outlet mall  in Gulfport Ms, The one in Foley Alabama and my personal favorite Silver Sands in Destin.  So what is the real truth about outlet mall shopping?  

Do Your Homework.Like any good shopper knows, you have to know what the original price really is to know if you are getting a really great deal. Many shoppers see the worlds outlet mall and assume they are getting a great deal. That is not always the case.

They Are In The Middle of Nowhere For A Reason.Another way outlet malls can take more out of your budget is the location. Quite often they are situated in isolated areas, away from larger retailing areas. This means that once you get out of the car to shop, you are probably going to stay awhile. You are also going to feel compelled to buy because you traveled a great distance to get there. Don't let guilt force you into buying something you don't really want or need or something that isn't that great of a deal.

Be Aware of The Quality.One other money waster that can bite you at an outlet mall is sub quality merchandise. They might even have it labeled as a second or factory return, you still need to double check the quality and make sure that even if you are spending a lot less than retail you are still getting your the most for your money.

One more thing, you might be wondering why do I like Silver Sands in Destin so much. I will give you a hint, listen for a familiar voice over the public address system while you are shopping, it might remind you of someone you know. It might also remind you of these helpful hints so you will get the most for your hard earned money.