Marriage, it can be a really great thing. If you are fortunate enough to find someone who loves you enough to let you be you and you can love them in that same way then the possibility of a long and blissful relationship is yours for the taking. Many people think that marriage is something you have to do. Well I don't think "have to" is really the only option. For some, the single life is just fine.


I have been married for almost 25 years so I don't remember a lot about being single other than I had to go visit my mom to have my faults and shortcomings discussed in an open forum. That is a joke. I have no faults or shortcomings but thankfully I have someone in  my life who loves me enough to look for them. Okay, that's a joke too.

Now on to the real reason you have clicked on this story. Why do some women choose to remain single? Is it hereditary? Is it a conscious choice? Or is it an outside force that lurks somewhere near them that prevents cupid and his arrows from ever being fired in their general direction. Watch this short video presentation and see if you can figure it out.