There are a lot of things you can conceal when you are on television. A cast on your hand and lower arm is not one of them. I mean, I guess you can hide your hand under the desk but then it would become obvious that you are hiding something, kinda like the kid in mid-chew trying to convince his mom he didn't eat the last cookie. Anyway, it's no secret. I had surgery on my right wrist area on July 27th to repair an injury.

The doctor had to put it in a cast to immobilize it. Let me tell you, folks. I am SO right-handed. There are a number of things that were uncomfortable, even painful, that I had to do with my right hand before surgery and I am glad that this surgery will (hopefully) have put me on the road to recovery. But basically being without the use of my right hand for 10 days! The upside was that I really couldn't do housework (if you saw me right now, you'd see a big cheesy grin on my face). I have to give a BIG SHOUT-OUT to my husband. He was a trooper! He really stepped up to the plate and I appreciate that tremendously.

On the negative side, try bathing with one arm. I'm talking about EVERYTHING. Getting in the bath/shower (I did both), figuring out how to squeeze the shampoo and conditioner bottles (in the right amount... oyvay!), getting soap on the wash cloth, washing your face and other parts, and FORGET shaving (let's just say I feel very French). Try brushing your teeth with the hand you aren't used to using... yeah... no.

Writing, well that's just a whole other story. Thanks again goes out to one of my coworkers who took pity on me and helped me out when she saw me struggling. I paid someone to help with makeup and hair. I found this website about how to teach yourself to be left handed  but Ifigured what's the point. This whole right-handed thing is an affliction I will just have to live with. The cast, thankfully, I won't.