Ever wondered what Football and Politics have in common? Nope, I haven’t either…until I just heard about “The Redskins Rule“.

It’s simple, and so accurate it’s kinda creepy. If the Redskins win their last home game before election day, then the party in power gets to hold on to the White House. If the Redskins lose, no matter how close the game, the opposition party takes over.

So OK, The Redskins Rule is just a coincidence that has played out for the last few election right? No. The rule has incredibly held true for every election since 1940, except one!
The one exception was in 2004 when the Green Bay Packers beat the Redskins but George W. Bush held on to the presidency. The fact that this was the one exception actually makes it weirder, because as some of you remember, Bush was president but had actually lost the popular vote in 2000. Remember the Florida dangling chad circus?
Yesterday the Carolina Panthers beat The Redskins 21-13. So does that mean Romney is going to win the election tomorrow?