When I think of NFL Training camps I think of barren awful third world hell holes like Thibodaux Louisiana, Jackson Mississippi and LaCrosse Wisconsin. I want my NFL team to experience pain. I want them to experience fear. I want them to be ready to come out of camp into the regular season as battle tested veterans who have been through hell. I don't want my team to spend four weeks at a spa with a casino and golf courses!

Full disclosure here, I have no idea what really happens at an NFL training camp. I am sure the folks who run NFL camps are far more experienced than I will ever be.  I shouldn't be so harsh and vocal on a subject I know nothing about. But, because I am sports fan I am allowed to be wrong very loudly so I will.

Did you know our New Orleans Saints will be reporting to a training camp at a place called The Greenbrier in White Sulphur Springs West Virginia? According to their website The Greenbrier is America's Resort. It looks really nice and very expensive.

I am sure they probably have a policy against wearing a ratty old Deuce McAllister jersey with the sleeves cut off in the casino. You  probably can't wear your Billy Joe Tolliver T-shirt to dinner, but then again why would you even have a Billy Joe Tolliver t-shirt unless it's to wash your car.

This facility is unlike any of the Saints previous training stops at Nicholls State, Jackson Missisippi or even the Saints own facility in Metarie. This place is nice. It's a place I would love to go visit and stay. In fact I would love to stay for a long time.

Do you think the change of venue in training facilities will be a good thing or a bad thing for the Saints? Do you think training camp is overrated and that the pre-season games are just meaningless ways for the NFL hierarchy to bleed the fan base of disposable income? I guess we will see. Maybe next year the Saints could hold camp in someplace less exotic like Papeete French Polynesia or the backyard at Buckingham Palace.