Cajuns rejoice, it's CRAWFISH SEASON! But, what about all those straight tails? Safe to eat? Have we just been misinformed? WWL had a story about studies that were conducted on crawfish at the LSU AgCenter near Crowley. What they've found might dispel a few myths about boiled crawfish, and crawfish boils.

According to the study, crawfish with straight tails doesn't always mean the crawfish was dead before it was cooked. The crawfish might have just been in a bad position when it was being cooked. It could have just been in a position where it couldn't curl it's tail. When you get that many crawfish crammed on top of one another, I can certainly see how this makes perfect sense. The last thing I want is to NOT eat a perfectly good, delicious mud bug over an old wives tail!

Researchers have also erased the idea that purging the crawfish prior to the boil with salt helps “clean” them. Ray McClain, with the LSU AgCenter, says the only way to truly purge your crawfish is to set them aside, for an entire day prior to the boil, without any food. Besides, if you put them in salt water to purge and get busy drinkin, they'll stay in there too long and will die...they're fresh water.
For more on this study, head over wwl.