Photographer Steve Rosenfield has started a great project called "What I Be". The purpose is to show us no matter who you are, everyone is fighting some kind of battle, and you are not alone. Some people seem to walk through life, and it appears they just dance through the raindrops. The reality is, nothing could be farther from the truth.

From Steve Rosenfield -

"What I Be is a photo project
which focuses on building
security through

My Mother used to always tell me to be kind and patient with people because you never know what they might be going through. This project illustrates exactly what she was trying to teach to me.

To see more of this project, head over HERE.

"I am not my skinniness."

"I am not my weight."

"I am not my abuse."

"I am not my country."

"I am not my wealth."

"I am not my adoption."