We all do stupid things we regret, especially when we're young. However, we all have the opportunity to right wrongs, like this person did.

The story goes like this...Margot Riphagen from Portland, Ore. was 16 years old when she had a party that got a bit out of hand. A few items were stolen. Among these stolen items were 4 gold rings.

"It was a long time ago and it was a pretty bad situation," Riphagen told ABCNews.com. "I invited a few friends over and then all of a sudden there were all these people there I didn't know. We immediately noticed stuff was missing. My parents actually turned me into the police. They always understood this wasn't my fault, but we had never recovered those rings and I still have no idea who it was."

Fast forward 15 years to the other day when an anonymous note, signed by a sincerely regretful "dumb kid who wants to right a wrong," was sent to Riphagen's mother at her place of work. In the letter..THE 4 STOLEN GOLD RINGS!

The rings were very sentimental to the family, including the Mother's wedding ring. Check out the anonymous note that contained the stolen rings.

Courtesy Margot Riphagen