Acadiana's largest cocktail party, Classic Country Saturday Night, will be on the air tonight at 6pm. It's the show that is totally driven by your requests. So make sure you get your favorite song on the list for tonight's show.

One of my favorite performers to hear on Classic Country Saturday Night is Dolly Parton. I love Dolly. To me she is the definition of the country music spirit. She came from very humble beginnings, she worked hard and kept her faith in the Lord above and she became very successful. What she didn't do was forget where she came from. Dolly's charitable efforts are many and for the most part fly below the radar. She's not giving back so others can see how wonderful she is, she's giving back because it's the right thing to do.

It was on this date in 1978 something happened to Dolly Parton that had never happened before. I have to admit this blew my mind. Dolly had been singing hit records on the Porter Wagoner TV show since 1967 but it was 12 years later when Dolly finally got her first gold single.

That song was

it was not only a country smash, it did very well on the pop charts too. From there Dolly went on to have many more huge records, TV shows and star in feature films. Still she never forget her Tennessee  mountain home and those families that live there.

Congratulations Dolly, you are a shining example of what intelligence, grace, beauty, talent and charm can do when used for the good of many.