A lot of us are dealing with flared up allergies right now due to the high pollen count. Shoot, some times you can see a layer of yellow powder sitting on your outdoor furniture it's so thick.

The best thing to do is stay indoors, away from the pollen in the air.

However, pollen is not the only thing that'll awaken your allergies in a negative way. According to DoctorOz.com there are three other allergy triggers you may not think about, but they can hit you just as hard.

1) Eating Certain Fruits and Nuts - When pollen counts are high, you can have an allergic reaction called pollen-food allergy syndrome. Basically, your body can't tell the difference between pollen and proteins in fruit.

2) Getting Drunk - Research has shown that if you have more than one drink a day it can lead to more serious allergies. Scientists aren't sure exactly why, but they believe it could be that alcohol messes with your immune system.

3) Being a Cheapskate - This may come as a shock, but most allergy medicines work best if you take them BEFORE you have symptoms. But a lot of people don't, because taking medicine every day gets expensive.