It's Thursday so it's only fitting we should do a little "throwback". While I was perusing the tidbits from "this day in country music" I saw a mention of a fella that makes me smile when I hear his music -- Junior Brown.

It's his 62nd birthday and there has been no one in the history of country music that can compare to the king of "guit-steel" in my opinion.

Now he didn't have this great big ole illustrious career of chart-topping songs. (He's just not mainstream enough for that.) He does showcase a sharp wit and crazy good guitar and steel guitar picking skills through some unique songs about life's quirkier side.

He did have some of the best videos on CMT and GAC. You know, back when music videos were actually aired all day long! He won a CMA award for "My Wife Thinks You're Dead".

By the way, Junior Brown is still out on the road with his wife Tanya Rae as his rhythm guitar player. He's still making music too having just put out an EP called Volume Ten.

Our proverbial hats are off to you Junior Brown, an all-time favorite of the staff at 97.3 The Dawg.