I must confess I find it highly entertaining to see the media fawn all over Tim Tebow. The guy was a good quarterback when he played at Florida, I always hated it when my team had to play him. Is he the prototype NFL quarterback? No, he  isn't that but he does seem to win a lot.

Now "Timmy T" has his own fresh mix rap song . Which will probably be like fingernails on a chalkboard to his detractors.  The other issue with Tim Tebow that makes me smile is how people seem amazed that he is a Christian.

It's almost as if the national media is surprised that some one of strong faith and character can actually be good at something. I might be misinformed but haven't people who were strong in their faith and character been doing great stuff for a long time? Not just on the football field either. Whether you love Tebow or don't particularly care for him as a football player you have to admire his conviction. He is one of the few in pro sports whose convictions don't come with jail time.