Bruce showed me some interesting stuff he came across concerning women and our "needs and wants." You would think since there is a complete list of the top ten things women want, men would be able to get it right, right? According to this new study, we (women) would rather win in an argument than have a spa day...I beg to differ. So this new study thinks it knows everything about us? We shall see about that.The British supermarket chain, Sainsbury's, compiled 10 things women want the most:

1.) Cuddling with their partner.
2.) Comfortable underwear
3.) Someone telling them they've lost weight.
4.) Making someone ELSE happy by giving them a present.
5.) Sexy underwear.
6.) Finding a bargain.
7.) Getting flowers.
8.) Getting a present.
9.) Being told you look younger than you really are.
10.) Getting a compliment from a stranger about how you look.

Yes, very interesting; however, I do not think this is completely accurate. Personally, I would rather receive flowers or a compliment before finding a bargain. The British study also found a few more interesting things about women. Apparently women would rather eat cheese than go on a first date; have someone ask them where they bought their clothes than have someone cook them a meal; get a new purse than a new push-up bra.

I would much rather not tell people where I bought my clothes and take the home-cooked meal; however, everyone has different preferences. I would like to see a man's top ten list...wouldn't you, ladies?