Stumped on what to get that special woman/lady in your life? Try some of these out!

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    Brookstone Pillow Remote

    Ever had one of those days where you and your significant other get all comfy BEFORE turning on the TV? And low-and-behold the remote is in the pit of no return all the way across the room? Try this gift idea out because not only can you sleep on it, but you can control your TV from it!
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    Mario Batali Selection™ ... Wine Lovers' Road Trip

    You and I both know that your woman needs her "Wine time". Why not get her this wine set by Mario Batali. She'd have her own little stash of wine for when she just needs some time for herself.
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    Personalized Necklace

    I know, that you know, that ladies like shiny things. Especially things that rhyme with reckless. Yup, a necklace. One that you can personalize with her name or what ever you would like to engrave in/on it.
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    iPhone Cover ideas

    The flashy, bedazzled, iPhone covers that we all see? Why not throw one in that she'd actually like.
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    Silver Holiday TOMS

    We both know how popular TOMS are now with women. Especially when it's so gosh dang cold for three months out of the year down here. These TOMS spread holiday cheer, but they also are a bit insulated so that your woman can keep her toes nice and toasty, over the holidays.