We all know that dogs are a man's best friend.  Each dog has a different personality. Some are cute, cuddly, funny, sleepy, while others are just plain annoying! Barking at nothing, chewing on decorative pillows, and accidents in the house aren't exactly "fun" for us. Well, have you ever wondered if you could possibly be annoying your dog? Our behavior can be equally irritating to our furry friends.

According to Hy Conrad and Jeff Johnson, authors of Things Your Dog Doesn't Want You to Know, here are the top 5 "pet peeves" from our pooch's point of view:

1.) Tricks with Treats (Seriously, am I really going to get a treat or are you just going to lure me into the car for a trip to the vet?)
2.) Asking me, "Who is a good dog?" (I'm a good dog, I'm a good dog, I'm a good dog, I'm a good dog... tired of it yet? Now you know how I feel.)
3.) Costumes (It does not fit, the material is cheap, I'm itchy and can't move. This is torture.)
4.) Nicknames (I can't keep up. My name is Rocky, not Rocky poopsie, Rockstar, Rocks, booger bean, or fat boy.)
5.) Birthday parties (I'm not really sure when a year has gone by, or seven years as you like to put it, but thanks for the bone.)

So next time you feel like your dog wants to give you the middle finger, remember these five pet peeves. Happy dogs make the world go round!