The survey was actually the Top 10 Most Hated People in America, but since I think that is such an offensive term I've changed it up a bit.  However, that doesn't change the peoples position on the Top 10 List!  And I'll repeat myself, this is not my list, this is the list from all Americans

#1 Casey Anthony-  97% of American's dislike her while 57% of people polled in the E-Poll- E Celebrity referred to Anthony as "creepy" and 60% said she is "cold"

#2  Spencer Pratt- Former "The Hills" TV Star

#3  Nadya Suleman- Single California woman who had Octuplets, funny thing is she already had 6 children!  Woah now, that's something that says, "Get A Job" and lay low for a while

#4 O.J. Simpson- That guy who was found not guilty of killing his wife and friend.  "If I Would Have" hmmmmm? Let's write a book about things the way they would be if we "actually" did them.  Smart man!

#5 Jon Gosselin- A man who became famous for his eight kids, and the divorce from his wife..79% of America dislikes him!

#6 Levi Johnston- Ex Fiance of Bristol Palin

#7 Paris Hilton- Good grief.  Heck if I was that rich I'd carry around a dang Dawg!  But please, how much money should I charge to act like her?

# 8 Howard Stern- Radio Jock who really has no boundaries, and loves "entertain!"


What do you think?  Who strikes you as # 1?